How Much Does it Cost to Build a Salt Cave

A salt cave is one of the best ways to provide halotherapy, the treatment where dry salty air is inhaled into the lungs. Building a salt cave or salt room can be so beneficial to the health of your local community.

Expanding your health spa’s services can not only bring therapeutic benefits to your clients, but it can also help your spa generate more revenue as well.

Salt therapy has been used for hundreds of years to help people with lung and skin conditions such as COPD or psoriasis. But how much does it all cost? Keep reading to find out!

Origins of Salt Cave Therapy

The benefits of salt caves were discovered in the early 19th century by a Polish physician named Feliks Boczkowski, who observed that salt miners had significantly fewer respiratory ailments, and looked much younger for their age, than coal or metal miners.

He believed these health benefits were a result of breathing in the air in the salt-rich atmosphere in the salt mines. Shortly thereafter, going to salt mines and caves for healing purposes became a popular form of therapy throughout Europe.

Salt Cave Therapy Today

Today, technology has allowed halotherapy to become more easily accessible to everyone seeking the benefits of salt caves — without the need to venture into underground salt caves. In North America, halotherapy is a growing drug-free, natural treatment for relieving many respiratory, skin, and health conditions.

You may be familiar with the use of wet salts in baths, scrubs, and neti-pots. Halotherapy uses dry salt, which the body absorbs through the lungs in order to achieve its benefits. Wet salt treatments are beneficial, but wet salt crystals are already saturated with moisture and therefore can’t offer the same results as dry salt.

Generate More Revenue For Your Spa With A Salt Cave

Adding salt therapy to your practice is relatively simple. Almost any closed room can be converted to a salt room.

There are some basic requirements though:

  • The room needs a fixed ceiling
  • There should be adequate ventilation
  • Proper placement of the halogenerator

The fee you can charge per session can range from $25 to $55, based on the size of your space and the number of clients you can handle.

As a health benefit, halotherapy is easy to market to clients. It’s convenient and affordable for any budget. Clients can spend less than $50 for a quick session on their lunch break or before a night out. It can also make a great add-on for before or after a massage, or as part of a special package paired with other services.

Costs of Building a Himalayan Salt Cave

As the salt therapy industry continues to grow, more and more people and businesses are wanting to know how they can get started or add salt therapy to their existing business.

And with that interest, people also ask…how much does it cost?

The simple answer to that question is…it depends.

There are various concepts for providing salt therapy, whether in your home or at your health spa business.

There are new stand-alone, multi-room salt therapy facilities, single room conversions, add-ons to existing businesses, our trademarked SALT Booths® and SALT Beds®, and custom solutions for personal use and private residences.

The range to build a Salt Cave is $4,995-$18,995+. This greatly depends on the space and technology required. For example, a smaller single room conversion will cost much less than a multiroom salt cave.

Salt Room Projects

There are three components to a proper salt room or salt cave:

  1. The Halogenerator (the primary equipment that crushes, grinds, and disperses pure sodium chloride into the room).
  2. Room modifications, technical requirements, (HVAC) and environmental concerns.
  3. Salt Décor (the largest variable expense) and furnishings.

Salt rooms can range from small rooms (up to 150 sq. ft.) to larger relaxation and multi-purpose rooms (up to 450 sq. ft.).

The size of the room will determine which halogenerator is best, as well as salt décor quantity and other furnishings such as seating, lighting, music, etc.

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