Salt Cabin 01

Compact and Packed

Worldwide, people are flocking to salt therapy because of its healing effects on the body. It has a way of promoting well-being while digging deep and helping with the symptoms of various health conditions. For those looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals, salt therapy is ideal.

Salt Cabin 02For those already using prescription medications, salt therapy is a great addition to the current regimen. It is a beneficial form of treatment that will leave all who try is feeling better than when they started.

Over the recent years, Salt therapy has become a bit more well known to those of us in the United States. It has been practiced for thousands of years in European countries, and no side effects have ever been reported. It is the purest form of treatment available, as the salts are completely natural and full of the elements that we ourselves already have in our bodies. As it is inhaled, the salts quickly begin to get rid of mucus and other lung blockages, as well as enhancing the function of the respiratory system. Skin is also improved, as the sea salts actually help moisturize the skin and mitigate the symptoms of various skin conditions that people encounter throughout their lives. It is a beneficial form of therapy for all those who take part, as it is a true stress reliever as well.

Salt rooms are a fantastic way to enhance your life with salt therapy, but they are costly to construct, and take up a lot of room in the spa or household. Salt rooms provide a relaxing environment, and the flow of salt going thru the room is perfect for those taking part in therapy sessions. For those looking to incorporate a salt room into their facility, but lack the space to do so, there is another option!

Salt cabins are a great alternative to salt rooms. They are portable and compact, and packed with healing benefits! For those that are troubled with respiratory ailments, skin disorders, and high-stress levels, the cabin is a great choice for salt therapy sessions. The cabin is easily assembled and comes in various sizes. The halogenerator that is used the salt cabin is equipped with a computer controlled flow of salt, so you will always have the correct amount flowing thru the room, no matter what the size. The salt cabin is great for both personal and commercial use.