Salt Cabin 02

Cabins of Salt

For centuries, salt has been utilized for its healing effects on respiratory conditions, skin conditions, and even joint problems.

Salt Cabin 01It is used for detoxification because of its intense solvent effects. It cleans the airways making it easier to breathe. Salt cabins that are made with these pure salts offer natural healing and stress relief.

Salt cabins provide a pure microclimate. Air, microorganisms, and minerals ensure a negative charge that benefits the body. Important chemical elements for our body – potassium, iodine, selenium, and magnesium among many others are contained inside.

Salt cabins are most commonly used for their effects on mucosa and the muscles of bronchia. One hour in the salt room is equivalent to a whole day at the beach. For those with minimal time to relax, the salt cabin is ideal in that you can get all of these positive effects without taking time off to spend at the beach.

These devices can be installed in a home or wellness facility and will look classy in either place. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you are planning on utilizing the therapy daily yourself or offering the service to your clients, either way, it will pay off.

Wellness establishments that include salt cabins as a form of salt therapy for their clients see an increase in repeat clientele and new clientele as they find out that you are now offering the service. Clients will be happy to know that they have the ability to utilize salt therapy right at their fingertips within driving distance. It has been hard previously, as salt therapy wasn’t as popular in the United States as it has been in other countries. But now, more and more salt therapy locations are popping up, and will certainly make your establishment stand out from the regular spas.

For those that like the effects of salt therapy that they receive at the wellness spas in their area, or for those that would like to incorporate salt therapy into their regimen with no establishments around that offer it, purchasing a salt cabin for the home may be ideal. It is a great investment, and you will be saving money over time!