Salt Room Moodx

Breathe Easier

Those that have decided to take the plunge into salt therapy instead of the cold waters of the beach have not been disappointed. While they can still get comfortable in beach chairs, it is not sand under their toes; it is Himalayan salt.

Personal UseHimalayan salt is the purest salt available, containing more than 84 elements that are noted for being found in the human body. Salt caves offer these salts on their walls and on the floors of the room for maximum inhalation by those inside. Guests breathe in the salty air, and breathe out their negative feelings. It seems like a form of meditation for most, while for others it provides additional relief.

Salt caves and salt beds provide healing effects for those that suffer with respiratory and skin ailments. Asthma, COPD, bronchitis, and the flu have nothing on salt therapy and guests will feel better in no time at all when attending salt therapy sessions on a regular basis. Those with acne, psoriasis, and rashes also see benefits when booking the salt cave or bed regularly. Some salt caves even have children’s areas, where children suffering from respiratory ailments can spend time in a salted playroom.

The use of Himalayan salt to mitigate respiratory issues dates back to the early 1800’s and is the fastest growing form of therapy across the country. Every year, more salt caves are becoming accessible to clients because it really does work. The benefits are amazing, and there are no pharmaceuticals needed. The salt gets into your lungs, breaks down the mucus, and clears them out. Your sinuses are also clearer after a salt cave session, and allergies seem like a thing of the past.

If you are looking to add a salt cave to your establishment, look no further than The professional and educated staff will come up with the best options for you, while working with your budget. In addition to the caves, if you are on the market for a home remedy, salt lamps and beds are also available.

Salt therapy is the most natural, non-invasive type of therapy available. It is a great option for those seeking an alternative route to traditional pharmaceuticals that don’t always work. Many times, the side effects of the pharmaceuticals outweigh the benefits. No known side effects have been reported with salt therapy, and those that use it only speak of the benefits.