Man Jogging

Athletic Recovery via Salt Therapy

As an athlete, you are continuously trying to better yourself. You want a better body, and you want to be able to beat your fastest times. You set records just to break them, and always strive to achieve your personal goals. Constantly pushing your body to its limit begins to take its toll after a while, and you may find that your muscles begin to scream for a rest. That is when you take some time to do simple stretches and allow your body to heal.

There is one part that most athletes fail to think of though. Through all athletic activities and challenges, your respiratory system and lungs play a huge role. Keeping your lungs healthy will ensure that that keep running at maximum capacity- just like the rest of you!

An up and coming way to ensure your respiratory tract and lungs are kept healthy is salt therapy. Salt therapy has been a common form of detox for a long time in other countries but is just starting to become a household name in the United States. It is a completely natural and drug-free way of cleansing the lungs and respiratory system. Mucus, pollutants, and allergens are cleared from the airways due to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in the pure salts that are utilized during a therapy session.

Take a few minutes during your busy week to sit back and relax in a SALT Chamber SALT Booth®. It may seem like you are resting, but you are actually enhancing your body just by breathing. There is truly no better natural option for detoxing the lungs and respiratory tract. This will ensure that you are performing to the best of your abilities when you start your next athletic adventure.

When you decide to make salt therapy a weekly part of your strict regimen, 45 minutes of your week will ensure you are getting the most out of your routines. You can become a better athlete by taking just a few minutes to regroup in a SALT Booth®. With airways more clear, you will see an increase in stamina, higher energy levels, and increased oxygen capacity.

You will be able to set the bar even higher than you currently have it, as you experience a better, healthier version of yourself. Your previous limits will be nothing compared to what you will be able to accomplish after making salt therapy an intricate part of your training routine!