A Breath of Fresh Salt

After trying many different treatments for common ailments, many people are turning to a more natural form of therapy in order to treat their conditions without the use of pharmaceuticals that come along with multiple negative side effects.


Woman On Rocks Looking At OceanInstead of going out for a breath of fresh air, these people are turning to salt rooms for relief. In different parts of the world, these rooms are naturally occurring. But, with the help of companies like the Salt Chamber, spas are beginning to provide their clients with man-made versions of the healing rooms.

The rooms look almost mythical, with their ambient lighting and walls, floors, and ceilings covered in pure Himalayan salts. The minerals in the salt are actually found inside of the human body. They provide anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that help to clear the toxins from the lungs and skin. For those suffering from bronchitis, asthma, COPD, psoriasis, acne, and other conditions, this type of therapy have been proven to relieve symptoms. Breathe easier knowing that your body is being cleansed, and your sinuses and lungs are being cleared.

A natural salt room runs are roughly 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so most man-made rooms are kept at this temperature to make is seem even more authentic. Guests take their time and sit or lay down in the rooms while breathing in the salty air. Some benefits are noticed right away, while others take time and multiple sessions to see the positive effects. Unlike traditional medicines, there have been no negative side effects noted when it comes to salt therapy.

One good analogy is that the body is like a car. A car works properly and runs for a long time when it is taken care of properly and has clean filters. With the human body, it is important to clear out the toxins and revitalize the lungs. The lungs are the natural filter of the body. If you keep them clean, you are going to be healthy and feel better.

Salt therapy relaxes your whole body in addition to providing positive health benefits. It reduces stress and enhances a positive feeling of overall well-being. Those who take part in salt therapy are generally less stressed and function better on a daily basis.

Salt therapy is available in multiple ways. Some spas only offer rooms. Others only offer beds. Some have both! It all depends on what the spa chooses, and the room that they have to utilize when it comes to installation.