Salt Fx Pro Halogenerator Next To A Group Of Chaise Lounges In A Salt Room With A Salt Brick Wall In The Background

5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Halogenerator

Are you ready to join a growing movement by expanding your spa offerings to include salt therapy with a halogenerator? The process, also known as halotherapy, is becoming a go-to technique for people looking to relieve a number of health conditions

Natural salt cave therapy has been practiced for centuries, starting in medieval times when monks recommended it for skin and respiratory issues and in more recent history offering surprise health benefits to salt miners in European salt caves. 

Researchers have found these health benefits to be true for modern times as well. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should seriously consider investing in a halogenerator (aka salt therapy machine) for your spa or wellness center.

#1 Clients Want More Customized Treatment Options

In today’s world, spa guests are looking for customized treatments to address their unique health concerns. People who may never have considered spa treatments as anything more than a luxury are beginning to view them as more of a necessity. 

As more people begin to invest more time and money into their physical and mental health, spa and wellness businesses are racing to keep up with new demand. The traditional, one-size-fits-all spa treatments aren’t enough anymore. 

Clients want to explore new services and new ways to improve their health. Spa guests are demanding more customized treatments as the movement for self-care continues.

#2 Lung Health Is Becoming a Bigger Priority

More than ever, people are paying attention to their lung and respiratory health. These days, services that improve lung health are in high demand. 

Some studies have revealed that salt cave therapy can make a real difference in reducing inflammation and breaking down mucus in individuals suffering from COPD. It should come as no surprise then that halotherapy has become a part of many spa remodels and new spa builds.

Spa and wellness centers have always been a hub for natural or alternative treatments that improve clients’ quality of life, daily performance, and mental health. The shift in popularity in recent years has shown that wellness treatments are not simply an indulgence for the wealthy, but perhaps a responsible investment in future health.

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#3 It’s Simple to Add a Halogenerator to Your Spa

Adding halotherapy to your wellness business is really quite simple. Whether you rent or own your space, our halogenerators are easy to install. None of your existing structure is damaged during installation, which means it can be easily removed if your business changes locations.

Our halogenerators can be added to an existing treatment room or placed in an unused room. By expanding your spa treatment menu to include salt therapy, you’ll increase your capacity as well as your revenue.

#4 Easily Complements Other Spa Treatments

Steaming before a massage or facial opens your pores to improve the benefits of these treatments. Similarly, spending time in a salt room or SALT Booth® following other treatments allows the body to continue integrating the benefits from those treatments.

Since halotherapy can enhance, and be enhanced by, other spa services, marketing your new menu offering is relatively easy. It can be promoted as an add-on or special package paired with many of your existing treatments, such as yoga, massage, or skin therapy.

Its convenience and affordability make incorporating a halogenerator into your spa business a no-brainer.

#5 Turn Underutilized Space into Revenue Generating Space

Often spas will have more rooms than therapists to fill them, which means money is being left on the table. Consider taking one or more of these empty rooms and converting them into a revenue-producing salt therapy room.

Maintenance for salt rooms and SALT Booths® is actually quite low, so your return on investment is typically high. This highly sought service requires no additional labor hires and minimal training for your existing employees. 

If you have a smaller spa and all your rooms are utilized already, you can add a salt therapy machine into shared spaces to enhance your other services. Rooms where yoga classes are held or massages are performed can be complemented very well with a halogenerator.

Offer Your Clients the Benefits of Salt Cave Therapy

Now your clients won’t have to travel across the world or seek out your local competition to reap the all-natural respiratory, skincare, and mental health benefits of salt therapy. 

Your facility will be the one that offers them an improved spa experience with halotherapy.

SALT Chamber is the industry leader in salt therapy products, equipment, and decor. If you’re interested in expanding your spa or health and wellness facility or opening your own salt therapy business, contact us today for a custom quote and to learn how easy it is to add salt therapy to your new or existing business.