Salt Mine Yoga

Salt caves are becoming more popular nationwide, as the demand for salt therapy increases. Although salt therapy has been a known remedy for centuries, it hasn’t been readily available in this area until recently. Salt caves are ambient, calming rooms, set up to mimic the look of an original salt mine and calm the minds of those who enter. Himalayan salts line the walls, floors, and ceilings of the caves, and patrons sit or lay down within the caves for a specific amount of time to inhale the benefits through salt mine yoga.

Booth Pop1When it comes to your health, there are many benefits to utilizing salt therapy. Engaging in regular salt cave sessions can provide relief to those who suffer from many different ailments, including: allergies, flu- like symptoms, trouble breathing, COPD, acne, bronchitis, and various other conditions. It helps to build up the immune system, and clear the toxins in the body.

The most common use for this therapy is to relieve stress. This being said, many spas are now offering yoga classes inside of these caves! The goal of these classes is to energize those taking part, while calming the nervous system, and to cleanse the body. The natural vibrations of the salt crystals enhance the experience, and participants leave feeling revitalized and ready to take on whatever life has in store for them next.

Benefits of Salt Mine Yoga

Spas benefit from having a salt cave available, as clients will continue coming back after their first session. The growing populations of those who engage in salt therapy are continuously looking for locations that offer it. Not all spas offer this type of therapy, and if you are one of the trendy ones that offer it you will surely be a fan favorite. After taking part in traditional salt therapy sessions in the salt cave, participants will get a bit braver and try for a yoga class inside the cave! Combining a relaxing environment with a relaxing workout is ideal, and it creates a great experience for all who take part to enjoy. Most will switch back and forth between the two as their needs change.

Setting up a salt cave in your spa will help to drive clientele and help to gain new customers that become loyal to your establishment. With salt therapy, the possibilities are endless! Help your patrons lead a healthier life, while reducing stress and enjoying their time in the salt cave. Different choices are available depending on the specific need of your establishment and the design that you have in mind. Salt Chamber is a great resource to get you started.