Halogenerator On Wall In A Spa

5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Halogenerator

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is one of the top five fastest-growing health and wellness services in the USA. With good reason, too. If the fact that salt therapy is growing in popularity doesn’t pique your interest, maybe the high ROI will.

Businesses have experienced much more than just revenue by adding halogenerators and halotherapy to their existing business. Here are five more reasons you should consider enhancing your clients’ experience by adding a salt therapy room.

#1 Stand Out From the Competition

The wellness market already has a lot of competition no matter where you go in the country. There are more than 20,000 spa businesses in the USA alone. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to have excellent marketing ideas and maybe a unique service to attract new business.

You’ll gain an immediate advantage over facilities in your area as soon as you expand your offering to include salt therapy. New clients, especially early adopters, are always on the hunt for something new and shiny.

Salt therapy is exactly the service your business needs to propel itself to the front of the crowded wellness industry. Simply adding halotherapy to your service offerings won’t be enough to stick it to your competitors, unfortunately. 

You’ll need to successfully announce and promote your newest spa experience, as well as educate your existing and potential clients about salt therapy. This includes posting new content to your blog and social media platforms about the history and benefits of halotherapy. 

#2 Cross-Market to Existing Customers

Over the last few years, wellness businesses have had to get more creative to survive. One way that has proved successful is by offering new services and experiences to existing clients as a way to keep them coming back.

Cross promotions raise awareness of new services you are offering in a way that invites your current clients rather than forces their hands. Through membership arrangements, discount packages, and combination services you can entice your existing customers to try something new.

Upsell your current clients by incorporating salt therapy into some of your existing services. Many spas have found it lucrative to offer their existing yoga classes, massage services, or other healing services in a salt cave. 

You may be able to offer other complementary products, which creates an additional revenue stream. Popular products include salt lamps, bath salts, and skin scrubs. All of which can enhance your customers’ halotherapy experience.

#3 Attract New Customers

One major benefit of adding salt therapy to your business is you can create intrigue around this new service, which is like catnip to new customers. Offering special rates and discounts is a great way to introduce salt therapy to first-time clients (and to your existing clients, of course). 

Wellness businesses that have added salt therapy to their menu have tried marketing their new service using websites like Groupon, which is known for its one-of-a-kind services. Many have achieved success in attracting and retaining new clients using this method. ()

Other successful ideas for building awareness of your new service amongst potential clients include creating strategic partnerships with complementary businesses and promoting testimonials from existing clients across social media platforms.

It may also be beneficial to make it simple during the booking process for potential customers to add on or upgrade their desired spa services to include salt therapy.

#4 It Doesn’t Require a Lot of Space

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a salt therapy room or SALT Booth® is that you don’t need a lot of space to make it work. In most cases, you can repurpose existing rooms in your facility into a fully dedicated salt therapy room.

Since the salt therapy business isn’t a cookie-cutter business, determining the size and location of your salt room can be flexible depending on your resources. You may even decide to take an existing room used for yoga classes or reiki healing sessions and add a halogenerator to it.

Spa facilities, fitness centers, and even some high-end residential developments’ clubhouses are turning an underutilized area of their facility into a moneymaker by converting them into salt rooms. SALT Chamber offers a variety of services and custom solutions from comprehensive turnkey salt therapy facilities to single salt rooms and caves.

#5 Start-up and Operating Costs Are Manageable

The start-up and operating costs for a salt therapy room are more reasonable than you might imagine. Your largest expenses will be the initial cost of the halogenerator (the device that ultimately disperses salt particles in the room) and any potential rehab or new construction costs for the salt room.

Labor costs associated with salt therapy are low, meaning in most cases you won’t need to hire additional personnel. You don’t even need to have a dedicated employee to manage your salt therapy room since operating the halogenerator does not require a special certification.

Maintenance costs for the halogenerator are also minimal. The only ongoing expense linked to the salt therapy machine is the purchase of salt. One bag costs less than $50 and can last up to a few hundred sessions. 

As a result of such low operating costs, it doesn’t take long for wellness businesses to begin turning a profit on their new investment.

How To Start a Salt Therapy Business

Halotherapy is an easy way to grow your business and draw in new customers with a high return on investment. The demand for salt therapy is growing rapidly. The last thing you want is to be late to the party. 

As more people prioritize their respiratory and skin health, services like halotherapy become increasingly popular. Whether you’re a start-up focused exclusively on providing salt therapy treatment or an existing wellness business looking to add on a new service, now is the perfect time to schedule your free initial consultation with SALT Chamber. 

No one has more knowledge and experience in the salt therapy industry than SALT Chamber. If you’re interested in expanding your spa or health and wellness facility or opening your own salt therapy business, call 561-556-3322 or click here for a custom quote and to learn how easy it is to add salt therapy.