An Original Salt Booth At Revelations Holistic Center In Dorval Quebec.

What is a SALT Booth®?

If you are looking for a natural, drug-free, alternative treatment to help with your respiratory, skin care, and overall wellness, you need to get a SALT Booth®. A SALT Booth® is an enclosed dry salt chamber unit that provides individual and personalized respiratory and skin dry salt therapy.

Due to its size, a SALT Booth® is perfect for your business or home use. As an alternative to a salt room, a SALT Booth® takes up very little 4’x 4′ space in your home or spa.

How Does A SALT Booth® Work?

A SALT Booth® uses a SALT FX® halogenerator to provide lung and skin therapy in as little as 10 minutes.

During a session, the SALT FX® halogenerator grinds the salt into microscopic particles that spread in the air and enter your skin or lungs for overall body wellness. Once you inhale these salt particles, they help reduce inflammation and clear your respiratory airways. In addition, the salt particles work on your skin by absorbing impurities and bacteria that cause skin conditions.

Benefits Of Using A SALT Booth®

SALT Booths® work in your home or your business. So why should you get one? Here are some of the expected benefits.

Improved Wellness

If you get a SALT Booth® that combines salt, sound, and color therapy, it may have a positive effect on your body, mind, and spirit. Once you get to the SALT Booth®, you can read, relax or even listen to music and get the benefits of the halotherapy booth.

The SALT Booths® are designed to detox the body for overall wellness and cleanse the respiratory system. Therefore, you can get the healing benefits for better health. Sound and color therapy also help with stress relief, increased focus and energy, pain relief, decreased muscle tension, regulated mood, and improved sleeping patterns.


SALT Booths® are designed to be flexible for any type of home or business. If you have some small, unused space, you can easily fit a SALT Booth®. In addition, our Original SALT Booth® and Multi SALT Booth® come assembled, while our SALT Booth® FleX can be easily assembled by two people in two hours. It comes with a simple and easy seven-step assembly instruction manual.

Takes Less Time

A salt therapy session can take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of booth you purchase. At your business, that means you can offer more sessions throughout the day. If you purchase a SALT Booth® for your home, you can squeeze in a session within your work day, in the morning before work or after work.

A Man Sitting In An Original Salt Booth For A Salt Therapy Session At Mystic Bayou Holistic And Alternative Health.

Why Add a SALT Booth® to your Facility?

A SALT Booth® is a great alternative to a salt room where you can offer salt therapy sessions in 10 minutes, as opposed to 25-45 minutes sessions that are needed in salt rooms.

Salt therapy is the fastest-growing service in the health and wellness industry. Since there are just a few thousand facilities offering salt therapy right now, there are a ton of open territories and non-competitive marketplaces. Why not be the first in your market to offer salt therapy?

The investment in salt therapy is minimal, there are low labor and maintenance costs, an accelerated return on investment (ROI), and dry salt therapy provides great value to the end-user.

If you are looking to add a SALT Booth® to your home or as part of your facility, there are different types of options available.

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