A Woman Laying In A Recliner In A Salt Room Next To A Himalayan Salt Wall.

What is a Himalayan Salt Wall?

Curious about Himalayan salt walls? You aren’t alone. Spas, resorts, upscale restaurants, and private homes are all taking advantage of this new and unique décor element. 

These stunning walls are made from Himalayan salt bricks or salt panels that have been fitted together to create a stunning, natural wall, and they are a wonderful way to bring salt décor into your home or business. 

At SALT Chamber, we help create beautiful designs from the ground up. You can expect the highest quality salt bricks that are designed specifically for your building needs, and they are inspected at the mine in Pakistan and again upon delivery. We value the importance of salt rooms, and we create them with intention and beauty, bringing to life the perfect experience for everyone involved.

But first, let’s get some misinformation out of the way. 

Salt therapy can only be achieved by breathing in salt particles dispersed by a halogenerator (more on that here). There is no science that backs the claim of negative ion therapy from the salt décor. The salt décor is, simply put, an elegant design for your home or business.  

What is a Himalayan Salt Wall?

It is a wall built out of salt bricks or salt panels. Our Himalayan salt bricks are a specific type of rock salt that comes from a mine in the foothills of Pakistan. The distinctive pink color is due to its high mineral content, which includes iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed specifically for SALT Chamber. 

A salt wall is built using bricks stacked with different designs, often with a backlight. The result is stunning, creative, and unique.

Our Salt Bricks

As an innovator in the salt décor design process, SALT Chamber has introduced a new brick to the salt décor industry. They are significantly thinner, resulting in a lighter and cheaper brick, that allows for the backlighting to illuminate the design and highlight their internal, unique patterns.

Our salt bricks come either clean-cut or rough-cut on one side, which allows for a tactile, 3-D experience.

The more traditional pink salt brick allows for a beautifully filtered light. The rare white salt bricks showcase the internal structure.

Sizes range from 2” x 2” x 1” to 10” x 16” x 2”. The typical size is 8” x 4” x 1”. The design options are endless and can be dry stacked or used with our eco-friendly mortar.

Our salt bricks and custom Himalayan salt panels have no VOCs or toxic materials, and they have no smell. This is a design choice that caters to healthy living.

Some of the patterns you commonly see on a wall are:

Running Bond

This aesthetically pleasing wall is a popular choice for salt brick walls, and the staggered and stacked look is a staple in brick design.

Stacked Bond

This simple pattern stacks salt bricks on top of each other in straight lines, perfect for those who appreciate a clean aesthetic.

Other design options are herringbone stacks, ashlar patterns, and more.

A Salt Room With Two Chairs And Salt Walls With Salt Brick And Salt Panels.

Are they Durable?

Yes! With proper care, these incredible bricks are can last for many years. However, they are susceptible to cracking if they are dropped or handled too roughly, so use care during the building process.

If you do notice any cracks in your Himalayan salt brick, don’t worry! The “imperfections” in the bricks are part of what makes these walls so unique.

They are also mobile, increasing the cost-effectiveness of this design choice. 

Our innovative design allows you to take your wall with you should the need arise. 

Where are Himalayan Salt Walls Used?

Everywhere! You will find salt décor in homes and businesses. 

Spas and Wellness Centers

Many spas are using this design in massage rooms, waiting rooms, and as a design feature in Halotherapy rooms. 

Restaurants and Bars

The ability to control the backlighting in these salt walls allows for a customizable ambiance, making it the perfect backdrop for any eating establishment.

Waiting Rooms

These walls are a lovely change from the typical waiting room décor. Whether it is an accent built on the front desk or an entire wall, the clients will appreciate your attention to detail.


Use them indoors instead of tile, and use salt as the filler. This is a great option for salt caves!

Private Homes

Whether it’s a pony wall in your kitchen or your living room accent wall, these bricks are a lovely addition to your home. Open up your space with more light while maintaining privacy. Or create a cozy space with a quiet ambiance. The design choices are endless.

We specialize in salt room construction and will guide you through the entire process. From design all the way to finish, our professionals are here to help.

Other Salt Décor Options

Are you looking to expand beyond bricks? We offer hand-crafted salt panels as well as salt rocks, salt boulders, and salt grains. 

Our salt panels are prefabricated 22” x 22” molds. They come with pink and white salt and are available in grains, pebbles, and rocks. They can be mounted directly onto a wall or used as bricks, making the design options endless and easy.

Looking for more? We can use multiple colors, textures, and rock sizes to create custom designs, including logos.

These are great options for any wall or room and can be easily moved if your location changes. 

Our raw rocks and boulders come in various sizes and shapes and are often used as décor in salt caves (but they make a lovely addition to any room). They can be placed around the perimeter of a room, used as dividers, and can be illuminated and highlighted with different lighting options. 

We are happy to help with any design needs, and we can help work with ADA compliance and any OSHA issues or concerns that may arise.

Himalayan Salt Wall Decor is a Timeless Design Choice

Curious about what a Himalayan salt wall looks like and want to get some design ideas? Here is a great place to start your salt journey. Explore our options, see pictures of previous projects, and get a better sense of the endless options available to you.

At SALT Chamber, we are passionate about our products and your satisfaction. We have experienced contractors, architects, designers, and consultants waiting to create the perfect salt wall, designed for your specific needs.

Quality, Creativity, Health, and Beauty. Contact us today to learn more.

Photo Credit: Magnolia Inn & Wellness Center, Onyx Wellness MT