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Take Your Health to the Next Level

Take your health to the next level by adding salt therapy to your regimen! It is a great way to get the health benefits of sitting in the salty air of the beach from the comfort of your home or local spa. In addition to the feeling or relaxation, there are many other health benefits that have people drawn to the salt therapy routines.


Screenshot 12In ancient times, healers recommended that their patients inhale salts for respiratory health problems and other various ailments. They began using this method when it was found that those that worked in salt caves had fewer respiratory problems. There are thousands of various salt rooms around Europe, and they are starting to become more widespread in the United States as well.

There are wide ranging benefits when it comes to salt therapy, because out salt levels affect the cellular activity, blood sugar levels, and energy in our bodies. It is also a natural disinfectant and antibacterial. Salt is available in processed forms that offer no benefits, and health pure sea salt that has 84 different elements that are found inside the human body. It is much more powerful than dry salt air.

The ions that are negatively charged in the salts benefit our health and mood. Inhaling the various particles helps to reduce inflammation and mucus that may occur in the lungs, and improves respiratory conditions (like asthma, sinus congestions, allergies, COPD, and others). After halotherapy (another name for salt therapy) sessions, those that take part breathe easier in addition to having a better sense of well-being.

Both the calming and detoxifying effects that salt therapy has support the immune, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Those that take part in salt therapy also have reduced stress, minimal headaches, increased energy, and better sleep.

The salt ions help to purify the air and help increase lung capacity and mitigate physical ailments in both adults and children. During flu and allergy seasons, salt therapy is ideal.

With salt therapy, skin conditions (such as rashes, eczema, acne, and psoriasis) can also be improved. Pure sea salts have the opposite effects of table salt. Table salt dries out the skin, while pure sea salt helps to moisturize and detoxify it. Mineral salts have intense rejuvenation properties, and are necessary for cell function and detoxification.

Utilizing a salt bed at your local spa is a great benefit to your health, and will enhance your life. Whether you are using it to better your skin, mitigate stress, or to help recover from another condition, you will be satisfied with your results. Perhaps you will even think about incorporating a salt bed in your home!