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Salt Décor Projects – Architects, Interior Designers, and General Contractors

For your next architectural salt decor project, consider creating a salt wall. This architectural salt design is a very welcoming addition to the interior of wellness centers, as well as those looking for a bit of ambiance in their homes. The wall is created entirely with salt blocks or regular walls with salt block panels. The hues are relaxing, and create a calming environment for those who enter. Salt rooms, salt spas, and the average room of a house all look spectacular with the addition of salt walls!

The use of salt in a multitude of settings is an up-and-coming trend in the wellness world. Pure salts that are used in salt therapy via a halogenerator have great healing properties, as well as having the ability to be aesthetically pleasing. The salts contain healing properties for those suffering from allergies, respiratory conditions, breathing issues, and anxiety.

Determining where to put you salt wall is key. It has to be completely protected from humidity, rain, and other water sources. The wall will work best inside the building, where it will be most safe from moisture.

A great idea for a wall that is completely covered with salt bricks is to add a backlight. The backlight serves to illuminate the wall, creating a warming effect throughout the business or home. If you are working on a smaller budget, there is also the option of using drywall with a salt texture and adding sporadic small sections of the salt bricks!

With salt rooms and spas quickly transitioning from the latest trend to a profitable industry, it is refreshing to know that you can have a salt wall in your very own place and/or your place of business. The uses of salt in cooking, healthcare, beauty, and skincare are becoming more well known, and it shows! This all-natural product is well on its way to becoming the powerful healer that it was meant to be, along with making your space look great!

Contact SALT Chamber today. We specialize in the installation of salt decor and salt therapy room projects. Your next architectural salt decor project could be closer than you think!