A Woman Suffering From Asthma Who Needs To Use Salt Therapy.

Is Salt Therapy Effective for Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects millions of people daily. It’s characterized as a hypersensitivity reaction to an allergen, which can cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and coughing. Asthmatics have had to rely on traditional treatment methods for years, but recently utilizing salt therapy for asthma has become more common.

Although asthma is incurable, salt therapy can help manage the symptoms. This blog post will explore how salt therapy for asthma can improve your quality of life.

Utilizing Salt Therapy for Asthma

Halotherapy (salt therapy) is a natural therapy that may help to improve asthma symptoms and lower asthma attacks’ frequency and severity. It is a complementary treatment for various respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis*.

Can Salt Therapy Improve Asthma Symptoms?

Including salt therapy for asthma in your treatment plan may significantly improve your symptoms. While salt treatment for asthma isn’t recommended in place of traditional asthma medicine, visiting salt caves regularly offers benefits beyond treating physical symptoms.

When used regularly, salt caves provide an environment to de-stress, boost skin and respiratory health, and promote better sleep. When our mental and physical health improves, our quality of life is enhanced.

The Science: How Does Salt Therapy Help With Asthma?

**Halotherapy research ranges from measuring the beneficial effects on mucociliary clearance in asthmatic adults to its therapeutic effects on acute or chronic asthma in adults and children. Salt therapy has been evaluated for its impact on asthma patients in at least 18 studies.*** One particular paper documented halotherapy’s ability to hinder nocturnal asthma exacerbations.

The results of one study were particularly impressive. The study included 15 patients with bronchial asthma and other respiratory conditions and four control patients.**** After 12-15 days of halotherapy treatment, patients experienced an absence of dry cough and wheezing. No severe asthmatic conditions were reported throughout the treatment period.

Although more research is needed involving patients with chronic infectious inflammatory and allergic respiratory diseases, salt therapy for asthma may be the way forward, according to the current data.

Salt for Asthma Treatment: Will Any Salt Work?

Halogenerators are machines designed specifically for salt therapy to crush and grind salt into microscopic particles before dispersing them into the salt room. There are many types of salt, but only one can be used in halotherapy. Pure-grade sodium chloride, sometimes referred to as medical-grade sodium chloride, is the only salt that should be used in halogenerators.

Other types of salt, like Himalayan salt, should only be used as decor elements in a salt cave. Ordering salt lamps or similar products for your home will not provide the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy. 

In Practice: How Salt Therapy Can Manage Asthma Symptoms?

Halotherapy is an effective way to manage the symptoms of asthma. You’ll need to visit a salt cave multiple times each week to effectively see a difference in managing your asthma. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation with SALT Chamber to explore whether an at-home halotherapy room is more suitable.

For salt therapy to be most effective, the particles dispersed by the halogenerator need to be less than 2.5 micrometers. If you need to know whether your local salt cave meets these requirements, ask.

Spending Time In A Salt Therapy Room Can Cleanse The Respiratory System And Help As An Alternative Treatment For Asthma.

Salt Treatment for Asthma At Home

If visiting a salt room in a spa is cost prohibitive, there are ways to experience the benefits of salt therapy at home. SALT Chamber’s SALT FX® home is specially designed for at-home or travel use with HaloSalt™

Our portable halogenerator brings the health benefits of a salt cave to your home. The SALT FX® home is frequently paired with our Pop-Up SALT Booth® if you don’t have space to convert a room.

We recommend speaking with your doctor before trying this all-natural salt treatment for asthma. You should only discontinue the use of any prescriptions for asthma after consulting a medical professional.

How Does Salt Therapy Work for Asthma?

Halotherapy treatment involves sitting in a SALT Booth® or salt room for 10-45 minute sessions inhaling aerosolized pure-grade sodium chloride dispersed by a halogenerator. When you inhale the salty mist, the micron-sized salt particles travel into your airways to clear blockages like mucous plugs and reduce inflammation.

The medical-grade salt works to reduce bacteria and viruses, which can trigger asthma attacks. Since the salt used in halotherapy is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, regular visits to salt caves can help prevent bacteria from causing issues in the future. 

Clearer, “cleaner” airways help asthmatics breathe deeper. It’s important to remember that although using salt therapy for asthma may improve symptoms, it is not a cure.

How Salt Therapy Benefits Asthma Patients

Salt caves are allergen-free, microclimate environments designed to help improve respiratory and skin health. Inhaling micron-sized particles dispersed by a halogenerator introduces water into the airway thinning the mucous, which makes it easier to expel.

The causes of an asthma attack can range from common allergens, like dust mites, mold, and pollen, to sinus infections, acid reflux, and even bad weather. For some people, hyperventilation can also cause an asthma attack to occur.

The most common benefits asthmatics experience utilizing salt therapy for asthma include the following:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases mucous
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria
  • Soothes irritation
  • Widens airways
  • Lessens the chance of infections
  • Increases oxygen intake

The effects of salt treatment for asthma patients may vary depending on each unique situation. The lasting benefits will also differ depending on your biology and asthma history. 

Is Salt Therapy Effective for Asthma Patients?

Whether you’re looking for natural symptom relief or a reduction in the frequency of attacks, halotherapy is worth pursuing. Across the internet, you can find testimonials from asthmatics who have found relief from their symptoms after regularly visiting salt caves. It’s important to remember that although salt therapy for asthma can complement traditional asthma treatment, it is not a substitute, and there is currently no known cure for asthma.

Find a salt cave near you, or contact us to learn how to use salt therapy for asthma from the comfort of your home.